Parasite Prevention Options...

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Apr 3, 2012
You want to keep your friend parasite free... but there are so many options; Heartgard, Frontline, Certifect, Interceptor, Revolution, Comfortis, ProHeart, Trifexis... how do you choose??

The best way to figure it all out is to stop in at the Bangor Veterinary Clinic and we can help. But in the mean time here are some things to keep in mind.

We had a very mild winter...and we are seeing fleas and ticks NOW! Also VanBuren county is #2 in the state of Michigan for the most heartworm positives. So far this year we have seen 28 dogs that tested positive for heartworm disease.

A few of the differences in preventive products:

Heartgard - monthly "chewable treat" heartworm preventive
Frontline - monthly topical flea/tick preventive
Certifect - Frontline with Amitraz for "quicker tick kill"
Interceptor - is off the market due to manufacturing problems
Revolution - monthly heartworm/flea preventive
Comfortis - oral monthly tablet for flea prevention
ProHeart - is Back! - 6 month injectable heartworm preventive
Trifexis - monthly topical for heartworm, flea and intestinal parasites.

Pricing based on Manufacturer’s and our Doctor’s Promotions
Frontline and Revolution... Purchase 9, get 3 free.
Certifect - Purchase 3 - $5 rebate, Purchase 6 - $12 rebate
Heartgard... Purchase 11, get 1 free, PLUS $15.00 mail in rebate

When you purchase these products from a licensed veterinarian, the manufacturer guarantees them. This includes services such as paying for treatment, replacing product, or even having Terminix® come to your home.

You don’t receive these guarantees when you buy from other sources, ( Walmart, TSC, Internet).